MMC Field Trips

Please note all 2020 MMC Field Trips are canceled due to COVID-19.  Any changes to this policy will be communicated.

Field Trips are one of the most important benefits of Club membership and one of our most popular features. They combine the joy of discovery with hands-on education. Many trips are suitable for children!

Examples of MMC Field Trips

Mt. Ida Arkansas Crystal Mining Field Trip

TRIP DESCRIPTION: Two days of collecting Quartz Crystals and a third day of collecting Diamonds at Craters of Diamonds State park.

Graves Mountain Field Trip

TRIP DESCRIPTION: Two days of collecting a huge variety of minerals at Graves Mountain near Lincolnton, GA, and a third day of collecting at one of three crystal mines.

Staurolite Field Trip

TRIP DESCRIPTION: Collecting staurolite along the shoreline of the Mississippi River.

Iowa Fossils Field Trip

TRIP DESCRIPTION: Collecting fossils at a site in Iowa. Fun for kids and adults!

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